Interesting Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

These days, many people would like to invest on how their home looks like. No matter how small their bathroom is, they would like to do small bathroom remodeling in order to make their bathroom looking very beautiful without compromising their space.

So if you want to do small bathroom remodeling at home, you may want to do the following ideas in order to change the look of your bathroom even if it is challenging in terms of space.  And of course, you have to consider the bathroom remodeling cost that you must spend.

Incorporate windows

Your aim is not just to change the look of your bathroom but also make them look spacious.  And the good way of achieving this look for your home is by making it look brighter than the usual.  Because of this, you may want to incorporate larger windows as well as frosted glass doors on your bathroom.  But since regular windows will make people outside to see you, the best things that you can use are glass blocks.  Glass blocks are now the latest trends when it comes to home design, as they look very elegant.  They are thick and give a frosty design that will not make you visible from outside.  You can just place it on the window cutouts and this is a perfect design option for your home.


If you have a smaller bathroom, a freestanding tub may not be the best for you.  You can just get an apron tub that you can place along the walls.  Apron tubs are the ones with a side lining connected to the main tub.  In this way, the apron will cover the platform and make it look like a full tub.


Do not just go for the regular showerheads.  There are now many showerheads available and two of your options are the rectangular or square and rainless showerheads that give a rain effect on your bathroom. 

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An example of this type of showerhead is Kohler Rain Overhead Showering Panel and is available at Décor Island at round $800.  You can also choose a large, circular showerhead that gives the same effect.


If you really want to save space, go for just the wall-mounted sinks especially if you don’t have a platform where you can place the sink.  One of the options that you can get is the Sorano Mini Wall Mount Sink by Whittington Collection.  This is only 14 inches in length and with a very sleek plumbing fixture available for around $100.


Mirrors are just something placed on wall and they cannot take up your floor space but it does not mean that you cannot get a better style for it.  You can get a good illuminated backlit mirror that will be an additional design for your home.

Overall, these are the ideas on how to remodel a bathroom.  In this way, you can make your bathroom look stunning even at a small space.

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